Sunday, 9 October 2011

Cupcakes : A-Z

The name “cupcake” was first mentioned in the cookbook «75 Recipes for Pastry, Cakes and Sweetmeats» by Eliza Leslie, written in 1828.

 At that time we do not have any means to measure ingredients, so they used cups, the name "cupcake" rooted from that. There are a number of other names: "1-2-3-4 cake” to remember the formula the cake: 1 cup butter, 2 cups of sugar, three cups of flour and four eggs.
 Become very popular in the 1950s, the cupcake is always the first choice in birthday parties, Halloween or Thanksgiving because it has many colors, then, cupcake gradually disappear with the rise of Donuts, bagels, cookies, macaroons and French pastries.
It was not until the years 2006-2008, cupcakes make their return with full of success with the help of "Sex And The City".
The flavors of the cupcakes multiple: chocolate, banana, strawberries, raspberries, mascarpone, praline, coconut ...

If you want to make some for you, here is the recipe : 

I tested for you, here is the result :

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