Friday, 7 October 2011

Paris fashion week 2012 most interesting looks (part 2)

I did write reviews on some fashion shows such as: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Chloe , Tsumori Chisato, Vivienne Westwood, Manish Arora , Carven , and Limi Feu and Moon Young Hee

I'm sure that all those brands that I didn't mention above deserved a separate review... However, I want to make it succinct this time. In this part, I just pick looks in same category: feminine, smooth, silky, charming and sheer.

Elie Saab : 
The designer named his collection color shock as he opened his collection by pearl-pastel color evening dress then continued with yellow mustard, orange, electric green and ended with purple. Elie Saab has always the same core design for his ready to wear: couture-alike looks offered by meticulous details makes people who wear them more elegant, classy and feminine. 

It is all about laces and laces baby ^^. As we take a look on the whole collection, we find out that the the next look is more seductive, mature and feminine that the earlier. From girlish to womanish... The bad thing is that: girls will never have enough "resources to have such a fairy dress from Valentino. The details are too meticulous and the dresses are too precious 

Nina Rici 

The whole collection reminds me of 50s 70s. All the looks are neat, feminine but sexy. Te main color is white, print and floral patterns are largely used. The most interesting elements of this collection are high-waist shorts, leather jacket anf sandwiched coats 


One of the challenges the designer set himself was quite typical: How can a tracksuit work for evening? That's why he mixed the show up, daywear and dressier stuff wantonly intermingled. The shoulders that gave the collection its epic silhouette, and helping that happen was Elbaz's conviction that "modernity is beauty." Flip that formula, then think for a moment about how simple, timeless, and radical it is.


The overall assemblage was of rich primary color, texture, and blocked prints, not to mention loads of product in bright tubing: bracelets, mesh totes, fringed bucket bags, and visors. It felt just right, as did the youthful but not young sensibility. What struck you most was the sophisticated level of design. And consider that every brightly hued taffeta piece in the last group is reversible.


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