Friday, 30 September 2011

Vivienne Westwood: There is one wood in the West

Just my luck that I can attend this high conceptual fashion show I must say thanks thousand times to the kindhearted  executors who allowed my to enter inside the backstage and stay in the room as a photographer even though I'm just an amateur.

My dream has come true. At least, I have attended Vivienne Westwood fashion show once in my lifetime and at least, I have seen her once, at this near.

Vivienne Westwood show ending 

This fashion show is a great combination of performing arts and interior designs: music in concert, theater, mimic and some dramatic faces ^^. It reminds me somehow of the shows of Galliano, which always surprised people by its unique way of walk

 Dance with oversized shirt 

The collection is full of contradictions. These high-romance looks seemed cobbled together from leftovers and detritus, both the exquisite (satin, lamé, sequins, lace) and the ordinary (nylon, webby fishnet knits) go along with the clownish makeup. Once more time, this ecological activist takes her action and put the concept of Green economics in her designs. 

Then she closed the show couture-style, with a lovely bride in a pannier gown of rose-embroidered sequins. Is a new beginning about to come?

Nostalgic dresses --> 18th 19th century

More photos are available on or . Their pro photographers seem to be able to take the best pictures of every fashion show. So I'm not supposed to compete with them ^^

Today I'm so lucky that  I cross many stylish and iconic people as I walk here to there in Paris. I will have a whole entry for street style in PFW and express my feelings. To bi honest, I was upset at the beginning but now, things seem to get better. You will find out why and what make me feel this way, not long after ^^

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