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Roma: And then we all love Roman(ce)s

Rome is one of the most favorite place for travel in Europe, especially for those who want to discover Antic history, culture and music. 
Here you are the link to download Frommer's Rome guide 

Follow my itinerary, I came visit Colosseum and Forum Romano first. Colosseum's construction was a marvel of engineering since its enormous weight rested in a swamp (Nero’s former lake) on artificial supports. The completed stadium was dedicated by Titus in a.d. 80. Covered with marble, it could hold 80,000 spectators who watched games that nearly rendered extinct many species of animals from the Roman Empire. The first impression when stepping inside: frightening and startling by each step. I can't help myself from imagining what happened in the past when a slave had to face with a cruel animal, fighting for his life. I admire this site because it is colossal and historical but, don't life it because it is too violent. Big doesn't always mean great or lovely and impressive. 


The Roman Forum was the literal heart of ancient Rome, a center for trade, religion, and politics. However, what I saw remained is ruins and I could hardly imagine how it was in millenniums ago…

Forum Romano

Other attractive sites are: Pantheon, Trevi's Fountain, Vatican, and Spanish steps. As they are classic places and you may easily find information from other sources, I will make it fast.

Trevi Fountain 

Trevi's Fountain is an iconic place since it has appeared in many movies such as: Three Coins in the Fountain, La Dolca Vita, Eat Pray Love... A traditional legend holds that if visitors throw a coin into the fountain, they are ensured a return to Rome. An interpretation is that two coins will lead to a new romance and three will ensure either a marriage or divorce. Another version of this legend is that it is lucky to throw three coins with one's right hand over one's left shoulder into the Trevi Fountain. So let try if you got there. To be honest, I threw 2 coins in the fountain in this way and wished my dream come true. However, after 1 year, nothing has happened. I'm still waiting and begin to regret 1EUR... -___-

Vatican city: a must in Rome. 

 St Peter Square view from above 

St Peter square panoramic view 
There must be something absolutely attractive in this site. On my arriving at 10AM, there is a 500m queue of people who want to enter inside the Basilica. >"< Well, after more than 2h waiting, I could enter inside. No photos allowed. The interior was great I think but I'm not fan of such an architecture.

Then we walk along the streets heading to Spanish step: Via Condotti, Via Frattini and Via Borgognona. These streets are full of Italian brand names' flagship stores. I love it so much that and can help myself from getting inside the stores to take a look on their latest arrivals. I found Via Condotti a little bit strange since all luxury stores are behinds a very old, yellow and uncleaned wall. It made the stores look cheaper and affordable, which attract more visitors and sightseers.

Another place that I would like to recommend you to go to contemplate a beautiful sunset in Rome is Castel Sant'Angelo and take nice photos on Ponte Vittoria Emannuele II where many beautiful sculptures are displayed.

 Sparkling bride on Ponte V.E II 

Castel Sant'Angelo and Ponte VE II 

Then it comes time for diner... Pasta is a perfecto main dish. Tiramisù, Duomo cheesecake, Profiteroles and Gelato are classic choices for desserts. Find a cafe at summer twilight and watch the shades of pink turn to gold and copper, until night finally falls. That’s when a new Rome comes alive, and when its restaurants and cafes grow more animated and more fun, especially if you’ve found one on an antique piazza or along a narrow alley deep in Trastevere. After dinner you can stroll by the fountains, or through Piazza Navona, have a gelato (or an espresso in winter), and the night is yours.

This time I want to introduce something more interesting to you.
We chose Antica Pesa for diner. Appetizer is skipped... Here are the main dishes 

 Homemade pasta (it has a name but I can't remember...) 
 Gnocchi with crème fraiche and seafood 

Then my friend suggested that we have to try something special. We went to Trattoria, Via del Pozzo delle Cornacchie, 25 to enjoy something sweet. I swear, I have never known that such kind of dessert presentation exist ^^ The chef of this restaurant was granted the prize of Creative design recipe in a Contest in Canada, according to my friend. I don't know but the desserts are presented in an incredible way

 Witch's cup: A creative version of White Chocolate mousse 

Cheesecake presented differently 

I forget to mention Gelato above, it is my fault haha. To be honest, I'm a big big fan of Gelato and I can eat that all day long, no need for other meal ^^. There are 2 addresses you must go checking when you are a big fan of this sweet thing like me: Giolitti  (via Uffici del Vicario 40, 00186 Roma) and Gelato della Palma (Via della Maddalena, 20, Rome)

Giolitti - dated from 1900s


Gelato della Palma 

Rome is a city of images, sounds and vivid colors. All these things combined to make a kind of Sinfona Urbana which is uniquely Roman. Fulfilled with contradictions, this simultaneously strident, romantic and sensual city has forever altered the European cultures and religion art and politic. Romans still manage to live a relatively relaxed way of life. Along with their southern cousins in Naples, they are specialists in arte di arrangiarsi, the ability to cope and survive with style.

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