Saturday, 24 September 2011

They call me Tam Tam

My name is Tâm and I’m from Vietnam. I’m currently studying in Paris for a Master of Finance. You may think it is strange that I would like to be at the same time an investment banker and a lifestyle blogger. However, I love them both and just can’t give them up. That’s why time management is always a problem for me since I’m not kinda organized girl.

My friends usually call me Princess Tam-tam, which means a small drum in French and a brand of lingerie at the same time (Gosh!?).

I adore things which are classy, modern, stylish and iconic such as: interior decorations, creational cooking and fashion. I just simply love the way people, stylish things and backgrounds are gathered together with  to produce flawless scenery. I hope to share all my feelings with people who are interested in those areas and get to know your thoughts about my findings ^.^ The topic will concentrate on decoration, cooking, fashion, travelling and their related.

Why did I choose the name Pickapeeker? I don't really know the reason but one day, it suddenly came to my mind "Why don't I write a blog on travel and lifestyle and fashion and....(everything I adore)? Visitors could come and have a peek on whatever they please..." So I name the blog pick-a-peek (which sounds really nice for me) and myself a pick-a-peek-er ^~^  
Let’s enjoy and wish that you guys have a good time reading my blog ♥  

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