Sunday, 25 September 2011

Prague - City of daydreamers and newly-lovers

It is something sweet from my memories. I have visited Prague 2 times and I still not get enough of it. I don't know the reason but the city is charming, mesmerizing and unforgettable.

The aircraft was something stylist and I love it a lot. I swear that I have never flown in any as lovely and stylish as this one. Well, very good impression from the start which may be able to compensate the inconvenient of a Low Cost flight company: We don't have any seat number. People have to run for their places... we have no experience so we were stuck in the last row of the air craft. Be warnedddddd 

Arrived after noon when it was raining hard. The weather is not kinda ideal and comfortable to hanging around and sightseeing. Therefore, we decided to go out a little bit late, when it stopped raining outside. Then we went eating snacks at Barock and Pravda in Jewish Quarter. The interior decoration was quite interesting and unique with posters and pop art canvases. The matter is that its decoration seems to change every month

Inside Barock – taken May 2010 

International dishes, especially Duck sauteed and Fusion gastronomy are recommended in Barock. Traditional dishes for Pravda. I first tried Goulash in Pravda, a traditional of Czech's cuisine. To be honest, I don't love it because it is too heavy and too much -___- . It reminded me of Boeuf Bourguignon of French Cuisine. However, this one is sweeter and heavier. I'm sure that Czech people love eating this plate while sipping their beer. 

Beef Goulash with Dumplings, Egg and Onion 

And we walked along Pařížská, windows shopping done… All luxury brand names (LV, Prada, Cartier...) are concentrated in this street, which makes it totally different from the rest of the city, just like its name (Pařížská = Paris) 

We reached the Old Town Hall Tower. The square was full of crowds. All of us are waiting for the performance of a mechanical parade of saints and sinners at 6:00 PM. Quite interesting. 
You may find something to eat in the square. Usually, traditional plates and fast food: Potatoes and Egg, Prosciutto , Sweet and Sour Cabbage, Salted Hams, traditional Pastry... The prices are reasonable but you had better being warned since the seller may charge you more for nothing, ready for arguing ok? 

 Traditional Pastry - I call it sweet bracelet 

 Potatoes, Egg Hams and Prosciutto

Astronomical Clock 

We went back to the hotel after walking around to get to know Jewish Quarter. Then it started to rain... So we had to end day 1 a bit early. But I found this banner in my way back to the hotel and LMAO, well Czech Republic is an ex-communist country 

Day 2 began with a breakfast at Mamaison Suite Hotel Patchtuv.

 Breakfast Room 

This hotel is the most beautiful one in Prague, as it is picked by Kiwicollection and Tripadvisor. The former residence of Earl Karel Pachta, and once Mozart's home in Prague, this hotel is boasted with stunning features: frescoes, vaulted chapel ceilings, sculptures... Old fashioned designs, and classical structures are hackneyed in Prague. Well, it is in line of the city in the whole. No comments... 

Inside court 

After breakfast, we headed to Charles' Bridge and Prague Castle. The city is relatively small so that we don't really need to take public transport.

Charles' Bridge is really a picturesque place because you can't help yourself from taking photos by each step.
There are so many places you must visit once you reached Prague Castle: the stairs (for cool pictures pictures), St Virtue, Royal Garden, Palace Garden... (you can find great itineraries in Frommer's book that I upload below).

Prague view from the Castle 

But don't forget to drop by a café as you go down from the palace. This café is really nice for a small lunch or a break after a long visit of Castles. The price is reasonable and the view is far too impressive ^^

Next site I want to introduce is Dancing House. Well, it was granted the price of innovative architecture in 2007. You can see immediately how creative it is right? It was not yet figured in official tourist guides

Dancing House 

Another must-be place is Aria hotel rooftop. Aria hotel is located on Trziste, near Prague Castle. 

From the rooftop, you may have a clear view to Cathedral St Virtue, Charles' Bridge and Stare Mesto. I pick this hotel because it makes attention to the very details : each dish has a different famous artist on it and there are a lot of music notes painted on the wall...

It is a great idea to end up the day by a good diner after walking all around from here to there in a lovely restaurant. This time, we chose Hergetova Cihelna . 
This restaurant is renowned for its cuisine: international and fusion. You will have great culinary suggestions and a large range of choices from meat to seafood. Moreover, it is a great place to contemplate sunset in Prague

 Beef Eye Fillet with Cabbage and Vinegar Sauce (must try Czech traditional dish) 

Chocolate Soufflé and Raspberry Sauce

I have understood how romantic this city is. Many books have describe its unique beauty but no word could be able to draw a perfect description of it. You just can see it by your eyes and feel it with whole your heart. I will be back for more ^^ 

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