Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Paris fashion week 2012 most interesting looks (part 1)

I did write reviews on some fashion shows such as: Louis VuittonChanelChloe Tsumori ChisatoVivienne WestwoodManish Arora , Carven , and Limi Feu and Moon Young Hee 

I'm sure that all those brands that I didn't mention above deserved a separate review... However, I want to make it succinct this time. In this part, I just pick looks in same category: geometric, tough, voluminous, and futuristic style. 


This fashion show was interesting with the brouhaha story of broken bench which sent all the fashion-elites standing up with there gigantic high-heels.
Jean jackets inspired spongy color-blocked numbers with shoulders as exaggerated as the short shorts paired with them were small.Ghesquière really pushed the silhouette with the dresses at the end of the show. Patchworked from archival black and white prints or panels of tan and black

Paco Rabanne 

Manish Arora was up for helming Paco Rabanne from the first look out. No single square of silvery painted python is the same shape as the next. The silhouette actually recalled Mugler, the Thierry variety.


Dolls' clothes informed the girlish silhouettes, the stiff nature of the fabrics, the oversize lace prints, and the blown-up proportions of the stitching that held the clothes together


Jackets that were sharp and soft at the same time, with strong, confident shoulders, and, for contrast, suggestive, undulating lapels and come-hither peplums trimmed not in leather but eel skin, shark, or stingray. Speaking of exotic materials, the jackets themselves weren't exactly cut from workaday fabrics. Chiffon sequins and lasered leather cutouts recalled the most stunning creations in his July couture show.

Alexander Mcqueen 

Sarah Burton's were goddesses. She based her collection on the three Gs: Grès for the pleating and draping, Gaudí for the architecture, and Gaia for the sense of all-encompassing oceanic life that infused the clothes, like the outfits composed of coral or shells.


there was a new softness to a wallpaper-floral motif rendered in pastel silk embroidery on an hourglass dress, one that was echoed in the baby blue and white print of the opening trousers

Rich Owens 

Issey Miyake

This was the first collection for Yoshiyuki Miyamae, the designer who has taken creative control at Issey Miyake after ten years working in the design studio. Critics did not give good reviews for this collection, however, I think that this collection is a kind of breakthrough of this brand. I love the color and the simple concept conveyed by the show: Body-consciousness 

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